Sunday, August 2, 2009

New Puppies!!!

New Mama Sadie

We have new puppies!!! Our dog, Sadie, whom we found out was greatly pregnant the day we left Illinois, had her puppies on Friday, July 31. Thankfully there are just two of them. Tim's mom, who is taking care of Sadie and her pups, tells us they are cute and that Sadie is being a good mama so far. There is a male that is all brown and a female that is black with a white ring all the way around her neck like a necklace. Their eyes are not open yet and they aren't moving around much yet either, but she said their legs look short and their bodies big and round (roly-poly in other words!). We are thankful and happy for the new puppies, even though we can't be there to see them. Hopefully someone will take pictures and send to us and we will post them when we get some. They will be almost four months old by the time we get back, which disappoints Ethan, and me too I have to admit. I guess they will have to wait to get their names. That should be Ethan's joy.

Well, I just wanted to share our glad news with you. As always, Tim and I covet your prayers for our adventure in following God's will, and now we ask for prayers for healthy puppies so we can enjoy them when we return home. God bless!!!

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