Saturday, July 18, 2009

The Adventure Begins

The adventure has officially begun. We left out Thursday night and arrived in Colorado Springs around 5:30 Friday afternoon. It was a long drive for the first section of our journey, but seeing friends who we haven't seen in years at the end of it made it all worth while. The family didn't want to just drive straight through without stopping a couple of times, so we picked out the Pony Express Station and Sod House Museum in Gothenburg, Nebraska. We all liked learning a little more about the Pony Express and the utilitarian building that went on in the area in the 1800s in much of the prairie areas due to the lack of trees. It was a welcome break from driving if even only for a few minutes. Seeing friends that we have missed so much has been a blessing from God as well. We attended church with them on Sabbath with potluck afterwards and friends from church coming over to the house for fellowship and then supper afterwards. It was truly a blessed Sabbath day.
The mountains are gorgeous with Pike's Peak towering over the area. We look forward to seeing more of the area, enjoying the company of friends and making new ones before we have to leave in a few days in order to continue our adventures and register on time on the 23rd. We hope to find a decent motel to stay at somewhere in Nevada on the 22nd so that we can drive into the Weimar Institute campus early on the 23rd. The family has yet to sit down and see if there are any must see stops to make on the way.
I will be adding pictures and sprucing up the blog once I get the camera cables in from the van so that I can upload pictures to the computer. I hope to update very regularly, so expect the blog to change soon and often.
We love and miss our friends and family and it almost seems unreal to be going to California. I shared the comment with my wife this morning on the drive to church that it just doesn't seem like my life anymore. When I thought about it for a second I had to follow it up with the realization that it is not. The Bible tells us in 1 Corinthians that we are not our own, we are bought with the precious blood of Jesus. It is so amazing to me now to not only have a realization of the meaning of scripture, but to be living that realization. God is truly great and loving and I just pray that my family and I will continue to lean on Him and follow where He leads us, matter where that may lead. It is my prayer that each one of us finds in God the Father that He so desires to be to us. Live the relationship. Follow after His call in your life. God is love,...pursue love.
Until next time, with love
The Stambaughs

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